What Inspires Me?

I am most inspired by society and its colourful diversity.

My works lie in the heart of society and its unique and rich culture.

Doha is a cosmopolitan city. I grew up seeing and interacting with people from different origins and with different rich cultures. That diversity and richness is the theme of my works and provides a springboard for most of my projects.





Who Am I ?

I’m Noor Alkharaan | A Graphic Designer / Illustrator based in Qatar | I belong to a new generation of graphic designers who are inspired by the work of the nineties – An era characterised by vivid colours and a wealth of original and authentic ideas. The works of the nineties reflect something in my deeper self; they break with the common or the usual kind of thing. I like exploring new areas and bring in freshness and livelihood to my works with a touch of modernity that is deeply rooted in antiquity.




How Do I Work?

I have few rituals when I am working: My lovely cat watching over me, a regular cup of black coffee in my hands and the soothing sound of classic music adds to the mood !! Design means mood. Mood is a state of mind. Like most designers, I have to create my own “kind of mood” to be able to kick start work: The cat provides company and may inspire ideas, the coffee sets the mood and music keeps the spirit high and work going.

Why contact me?
I once read a quote which says “there are three responses to a piece of design-yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.” This is exactly what I believe.Graphic design is and should always be about astonishment. As a graphic designer my work should always provoke the wow response and become timeless.